You get to choose the best way to achieve your goals and find the best support that fit your own unique journey


Get support in....
  • Feminine magic

    Tap into your pussy power, reclaim your Feminine wisdom, connected with your cycle & your sexuality, heal your womb, deepen your ability to receive and your pleasure

  • Conscious relationships sexuality and love coaching


    build harmonious uplifting relationships, attract your ideal partner, move through a breakup, open a relationship, connect deeper with your lover, explore deeper intimacy, using tantra, better sex, better communication, soul mate exploration

  • Mindset Mastery:

    Eradicate limiting beliefs and blocks, find clarity purpose and alignment, money mindset & wealth revolution, manifest your dream life, speak up, gain confidence, heal, uncover your gifts, inner child healing


    Start or grow your business, uplevel through rebranding, impactful and soulful marketing, attract your dream clients and step into the powerful leader you were always meant to be.


The initiation

embodied woman - feminine empowerment

Embark in the most transformative 4 month journey

Ready to go BIG and DEEP? 

Get the whole experience of transformative coaching

Receive consistent support with weekly coaching session, accountability and homeworks for integration purpose

We co-create a vortex of growth & liberation and I hold you to your highest potential nothing less !

Together we open a portal for your wildest expansion in a safe and loving space

Note: Lika only works with a few private clients per trimester to insure integrity, devotion and the best presence possible. Places are therefore extremely limited and every coachee is selected very intentionally through an application process 

We play in multiple realms simultaneously: somatic (the body), emotional, mental,  energetic, and the tangible 3D reality (actions)

Your journey your choice

no strings attached

A one time intensive coaching session with Lika (60-90min) 


for you if you want a quick (yet profound) activation without the commitment 

deep and committed

4 months of 1:1 coaching for those who want to benefit from the whole experience of coaching, need accountability, follow up, homework and prolongated guidance