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After my break up, I took 9 month of conscious devotional celibacy, meaning: 

time spent with MYSELF, sitting with all my shadows and stuff I’ve been brushing under the rug for YEARS, not engaging in ANY sexual activity that involved someone else and choosing to become my own partner… I even proposed to myself (wedding coming soon – Late November !) 

That helped me rebirth myself into who I am now, 

gain so much confidence, liberate myself, love myself so deeply, have my sexual awakening, transform my outer reality, grow my business, and just experience the BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION OF MY LIFE – the one I wish EVERYONE could experience.

Because I cut off all distractions, cleared my co-dependency and stopped looking for love, pleasure and sex in others and started cultivated it within


And I’m going there again! 

Lately I found myself looking for fulfilment outside, being very chaotic, not respecting my own boundaries, imposter syndrome, insecurities, being needy and manipulative… 

My wounded feminine was running the show 


To clear past lovers energy, to fall back in love with myself and strengthen my own romantic and sexual relationship. 

Like any ceremony/journey I open the space with some ritual : 

* placing intentions

* doing a Yoni steam

* Fire ceremony 

It was important to start with the WOMB. 

The womb space is where all of our magic is stored: 

Our feminine power, our creativity, our ability to birth babies or projects into the world…

It’s also a receptive space where past lovers, unprocessed emotions, traumas can be stored… 

How I do a Yoni Steam: 

I connect with the spirit of the plants and choose my herbs intuitively (if I lack inspiration, I look up the properties and choose accordingly), I create a ceremonial space with my favorite tools (candles, music, incense, crystals, etc) and cleanse the energy of the room (in this case using Copal), I infuse the herbs wiith hot in a covered bucket for about 10 min, and then add some more warm water, squat down on top with a long skirt so that the steam won’t escape, and stay there in deep meditation for 15/20 minutes 

In the latest podcast episode of FULL CIRCLE  with the special guest Mathilde Anglade

we cover all things relationships, exclusive devotion womb and period rituals…

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