Manifest your Dream Clients

Grow a successful business with ideal clients

A mini course with all the mindset tools and rituals to manifest (more) aligned clients

Deeper integrity and expansion in your business by attracting and signing your ideal clients

I’ll share with you how to call in soulmate clients – clients you want to serve, who share the same values and are in alignment with your brand and business – through powerful practices, rituals and mindset shifts

Soulmate clients Attraction

You'll learn to:

DSC_8935 3-min

It's for you if:

– You want to attract and magnetize the right people for your offers, products or services 

– You want to elevate the ‘quality’ and find more aligned clients

– Implement powerful rituals and practices to manifest greater success in your biz


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$ 29,95

Frequent questions:

You get a lifetime access to your SCA course . Every update will also be included. 

Becoming her is a self-paced course in 4 lessons, an activation meditation and homework. You do it at your own pace.


You get access to SCA containing video lessons, a meditation, and a workbook for homework and integration of each lesson. This is where the work happens and where you make the wisdom learned and make it tangible.

Due to the nature of the course we don’t offer any refund. 

SCA are for those who are truly committed and ready to take 100% responsibility for their results. If you truly do the work and apply all of what is provided in the program you’ll be transformed, however I can’t guarantee any results as they depends on you and your willingness to do the work

Lika will be available to answer any question or clarification needed regarding your journey in SCA. (by email at [email protected] or instagram at @lika_holyholistic )

However Lika will not give extended coaching. For in depth coaching you can check the various options Lika has available for 1:1 support. 

If you have any questions: