Soft and


Unveil Your True Feminine Essence 

an online course designed to Embrace Your Feminine Essence

Let go, open your heart, and tap into a power uniquely yours

In a world that demands constant strength, ‘Soft and Surrendered’ invites you to immerse in the beauty of surrendering.

Release the pressures, lower the barriers, and let the world see the radiant woman you truly are.

Dive deep into a journey of self-discovery, embracing your softness, and unlocking the joys of receiving 



Tap Into Femininity

Discover techniques to embrace your true essence and let go of societal demands

Heartfelt Openness

Techniques to dismantle emotional walls and make genuine connections

Art of Receiving

Lessons on being present, opening up, and embracing love and abundance

in Soft and Surrendered

You'll melt into:

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Course curriculum

Dive deep into a sacred beginning, anchoring yourself in embodiment and intention. Cultivate a space that acts as your personal sanctuary, enveloping yourself in sensory delights and the power of visualization.

🌹 You’ll gain: A rooted foundation, tools to create an intentional spiritual space, and the ability to fully immerse in the journey ahead.

Journey to meet your inner priestess and dance with feminine qualities longing to be awakened. Embrace pain and pleasure, traverse the dance of masculine and feminine energies, and find safety within their union.

🌹 You’ll gain: Insight into your personal feminine essence, tools for shadow work, and a strengthened inner masculine protector.

Shift from survival to thriving by realigning with your inherent flow. Learn the art of single-tasking, relish in the act of receiving, and reclaim the power of your emotions and softness.

🌹 You’ll gain: Strategies to move from stress to ease, deepen self-compassion, and amplify your daily joy.

Celebrate the temple that is your body and the world around you. Reconnect with Earth, honor your sacred parts, and indulge in the sensuality of all senses.

🌹 You’ll gain: A renewed bond with your physical self, rituals for sensual living, and tools to uplift your environment’s energy.

Illuminate the corridors of your desires. Delve into the expansive power of wanting, receiving, and being filled with life’s offerings.

🌹 You’ll gain: A rejuvenated sense of longing, tools to amplify your desire, and playlists to prolong the sensation.

Shift your center to the heart, your portal of boundless love and connection. Learn practices to massage and open the heart to its deepest yearnings.

🌹 You’ll gain: Techniques for heart-centered living, a deeper bond with self, and embodied practices for open-heartedness.

Sync with your natural rhythms, moon cycles, and the ever-changing dance of your being. Embrace every facet of your feminine essence.

🌹 You’ll gain: A profound connection to your inner seasons, tracking tools, and personalized affirmations.

Master the art of heartful communication. Ask for what you desire, speak vulnerably, and liberate your voice’s authentic timbre.

🌹 You’ll gain: Enhanced relationship communication, voice activation exercises, and tools for genuine self-expression.

🌹 You’ll gain: A profound connection to your inner seasons, tracking tools, and personalized affirmations.

Merge spirituality with sensuality, entering the realm of sacred sexuality. Experience deep surrender and a union with your innermost desires.

🌹 You’ll gain: A deeper understanding of sexual spirituality, tools for openness in intimate moments, and practices to explore and honor your sexuality.

The ‘Soft and Surrendered’ course is a sanctuary for women wishing to explore their feminine essence. In today’s fast-paced world, many women carry the burden of being the ‘strong independent woman’. This course offers a transformative experience, letting you melt into your femininity, drop emotional barriers, and embrace the art of receiving. Step into a space where softness is strength and surrender is empowering. 

For you


  • The world’s hustle has left you yearning for a deeper connection to your essence, to the intimate rhythms of your soul
  • Beneath the facade of strength and independence, there’s a soft voice beckoning you to drop the shield around your heart.
  • You crave not just physical touch, but the caress of understanding, the embrace of genuine self-love.
  • You sense that there’s more beauty, sensuality, and passion to life than what you’ve been experiencing.
  • While you’ve been leading with your masculine energy, a delicate feminine force within wishes to twirl into the spotlight.
  • Your relationships, especially the intimate ones, feel clouded by miscommunications or walls you can’t seem to breach.
  • The realm of sacred sexuality intrigues you; you wish to explore its depths, merging spirituality with sensuality.
  • Deep down, you feel like a bud waiting for the right conditions to blossom, to unfurl in all your radiant, feminine glory.

You'll receive:

Leadership coaching

Lifetime access to the self-paced program

Leadership coaching

9 modules intentionally put together for in depth transformation

Leadership coaching

Audio lessons, meditations and practices (videos) for activation and knowledge

Leadership coaching

A Workbook with practical tools, prompts and exercices for integration

• Testimonials •

“I feel so blessed to have worked with Lika. “Worked” isn’t even the right word – more like co-created magic. Although I met and had to deal with many of my own demons and shadows during my time in Lika’s container, I always felt so held, loved and supported. She brought the best out of me while supporting me learn to accept and even love the most challenging parts too. Her ability to stay present and grounded just makes you feel so seen. I’ve discovered there truly is a Goddess in me that just waited to be awakened. Lika is one of the most powerful, loving, embodied beings I’ve met in my life and if you’re ready to level up BIG TIME, it’s a match. “


“A unique combinaison that makes you feel safe to surrender”


“Her loving energy leaves you present, centered and full of love. She helps you to find the best possible version of yourself”


”I’ve never felt so supported and happy before. She has created a space that make me feel very safe”


”It’s a ‘me’ moment with a lot of love”


“I feel more loved and beautiful and strong than ever before”



Embark on this soulful odyssey to unearth the magic of sacred spaces, the dance of divine polarities, the art of sensual living, heart-centered receiving, and the rapture of sexual surrender.

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Start your journey now

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Frequent questions:

You get a lifetime access to Soft and Surrendered. Every update will also be included. 

SOFT AND SURRENDERED is a self-paced course in 9 modules, you can go at your own pace. 

You get access to 9 modules containing audio lessons, meditations, a complete workbook for transformational homework embodiment practices and integration of each session and demo video for the embodiment practices. This is where the work happens and where you make the wisdom learned and make it tangible.

Due to the nature of the course we don’t offer any refund. 

SOFT AND SURRENDERED are for those who are truly committed and ready to take 100% responsibility for their results. If you truly do the work and apply all of what is provided in the program you’ll be transformed, however I can’t guarantee any results as they depends on you and your willingness to do the work

Lika will be available to answer any question or clarification needed regarding your journey in SOFT AND SURRENDERED. (by email at [email protected] or instagram at @lika_holyholistic )

However Lika will not give extended coaching. For in depth coaching you can check the various options Lika has available for 1:1 support. 

If you have any question: