Healing Workshop

A 3 hour immersive liberation journey through the art of

Nude photography, meditation and embodiment

A celebration of our wom(b)manhood, sensual essence and emotional nudity 

An invitation to let go of our armour, insecurities, body shame and practice our vulnerability, self love, courage and radical acceptance

Held in a safe, honouring, sacred space in the mayan jungle for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and shades

Your BODY is a SACRED temple and your wom(b)manhood a divine gift

In a world where we are taught to hide our body and beauty,

Let’s RECLAIM our relationship to our nudity,

Let’s be unapologetic in our expression,

Proud of who we are as women,

Without the fear of being shamed and judged for the oracle that we are,

Honoring our beauty inside out !

Enter  the  Vortex

The experience includes

  • 6 Goddesses only

  • 3h workshop in a sacred safe location in the jungle (between playa del carmen & tulum)

  • an embodiment and meditation preparation

  • Boudoir and nude photoshoot solo and in sisterhood

  • unlimited photos for you to choose in an online gallery

  • A delicious mayan brunch (vegetarian)

  • free transportation to the location


It's for you if:

What kind of magical transformation to expect ?


Our relationship to our body can be a challenging one. Some of us don’t even want to look at it in the mirror, others are deeply disconnected and often dissociate. This sacred space will allow you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. To relearn how to love your body. To fall in love with yourself over again. To see your true soul embodied. And to be blown away by your own beauty


It’s our birthright to feel safe and beautiful in our own skin. This experience is for you to deepen and heal your intimate connection to yourself and your body AND to experience the healing power of sisterhood and community

Let yourself be held and cared for in the most exquisite way


Be ready to walk out of this loving workshop empowered AF. Embodied in your sovereignty, owning your body and your beauty fully, feeling free and confident


Frequent questions:

We will be creating a loving safe space for you to be comfortable to explore this part of the workshop and truly experience the healing power of your naked body.


However, even though you’ll be invited to get naked, the nudity will never be mandatory, we want you to feel 100% safe to undress. You get to choose. This is your body, your space, your moment.

We invite you to bring a kimono, a robe or something to softly cover yourself as we will be going through a gentle loving activation and uncovering process. Bring lingerie of your choice (or bikini – anything that makes you feel beautiful as we will start the photoshoot in lingerie.

A yoga mat (or something to sit on during the meditation)

A journal and a pen

A water bottle

An open mind and heart

We are very aware that this kind of workshop can bring a lot to the surface (that’s also part of this experience, my love). That’s why we are creating the safest environment for you to be received in your vulnerability, held, supported and loved unconditionally.

Lika is a tantra priestress who will guide you, hold space and give support and assistance if needed.

No. We are consciously breaking down the idea that nudity = sexuality.

The workshops are sensual experiences, as it’s connecting you to your body, your senses and help you deepen your presence but not sexual


🜁 Doors open at 8.45am

🜁 Opening circle

🜁 Creating safety in the body & meditation 

🜁 Embodiment and body image liberation practices

🜁 Step by step ceremonial undressing (you choose where you stop)

🜁 Lovingly guided photoshoot 

🜁 Closing circle 

🜁 Yummy Mayan brunch (vegetarian)

Meet your facilitators:

Lika and Amandine

Lika is a powerful embodiment priestess, she sees people’s full potential and brings it to life. She’s a space holder for people to embody their most empowered version of themselves. 

Amandine is a soul-essence photographer, she sees people’s souls when she looks into their eyes, and captures it through her camera. She is a space holder  for people to express their full authentic self. 

Lika and Amandine share the same vision and life mission:

Creating transformational spaces for healing, liberation and empowerment. They do so by combining the art of photography and embodiment

They are dedicated to hold sacred containers in which you can experience yourself in a whole other level and step into the most expansive version of yourself 


The day I shot with Amandine, I wasn't particularly feeling my best- I was tired of many things and afraid of many others. Being there in such an open space, not just literally but figuratively, broke down my very own walls I had built up out of protection. I felt supported and understood. Lika made us all bring out our true presence, and Amandine just magically captured every moment of it. This team is just something else!


“I feel so blessed to have worked with Lika. “Worked” isn’t even the right word – more like co-created magic. Although I met and had to deal with many of my own demons and shadows during my time in Lika’s container, I always felt so held, loved and supported. She brought the best out of me while supporting me learn to accept and even love the most challenging parts too. Her ability to stay present and grounded just makes you feel so seen. I’ve discovered there truly is a Goddess in me that just waited to be awakened. Lika is one of the most powerful, loving, embodied beings I’ve met in my life and if you’re ready to level up BIG TIME, it’s a match. “


« The session with Amandine revealed my divine essence. Her warm love, and cheerful attitude truly make you feel like a Goddess. Seeing the results brought me to tears. It was extremely fun and healing. The pictures deepen my healing and love for my soul and body. You will be blown away and fall in love with yourself even more. It’s more than photography, it’s therapy to relearn how to love your body. »


“A unique combinaison that makes you feel safe to surrender”


“Her loving energy leaves you present, centered and full of love. She helps you to find the best possible version of yourself”


”I’ve never felt so supported and happy before. She has created a space that make me feel very safe”


”It’s a ‘me’ moment with a lot of love”


“I feel more loved and beautiful and strong than ever before”


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