Becoming her
BECOMING HER  is a self paced course to guide you back to yourself, heal and expand into your whole potential
Becoming her
BECOMING HER  is a self paced course to guide you back to yourself, heal and expand into your whole potential

Say YES to yourself, your vision and your future


BECOMING HER is the perfect combination of self-love, embodiment and spirituality rooted in Tantra teachings for you to EMBODY your truth and BECOMING HER – your higher self, the one that experience everything you desire 


In only 9 MODULES you’ll gain personal freedom, inner power, unshakable confidence while exploring the depth of yourself, your body and your subconscious mind


It’s a container for your growth and expansion where you get to become exactly who you where meant to be as I guide you through different practices, classes and inner work prompts 


In Becoming Her

You'll learn to:

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Being ‘unapologetically yourself’ doesn’t necessary come easy for most of us.  Even though it sounds appealing we are often left with one question: HOW ?

That’s why I gathered all the practical tools and practices for you to gain the personal power needed to step into your Truth, go after what you want and make it happen

Decide to step into Her Now

To change our external reality we need to change our inner landscape. 

Modules after modules you’ll explore the depths of your subconscious and reprogram the conditioning and limiting believes that are obstacles for your greatest embodiment

If you have been stuck in the ‘good girl’ archetype, people pleasing, reaching for external validation and loosing yourself in the process. you will be guided to take control back and unleash your wildest inner Goddess: the one that goes after what she wants, says what she means, builds conscious relationships, experience passion and purpose in her daily life, trust her intuition and have a profound sense of inner peace while being driven by Love (vs Fear)

9 Modules to shift your inner world


Create the container for your transformation: Intention, devotion, opening vortex, structure for your success


Who do you choose to become: cristal clear vision of the person and life you want to create, spell casting and mapping your higher self


Shadow work integration: bring the unconscious to the conscious, release blockages and limiting beliefs, embrace ALL of you, radical self acceptance


Become unapologetic: personal freedom and power, core values, needs and boundaries


Play with archetypes: embrace all facets of you


Curate your environment for your embodiment : a fertile soil in which your Higher Self can grow


Embodiment of your higher self: bring the vision to life, make it your new reality


Inner Union: Master your inner feminine and inner masculine for Harmony and Love


Sacred sexuality and magick: Heal, manifest, express from your most powerful place


Reclaim Your Prosperity, 


and Pussy Power

It's for you if:


– You want to FEEL and experience profound self-love and the ripple effects it has on every area of your life: work, relationships, money, love…

– You want to master your sexual energy and manifest your wildest dreams through pleasure practices

– you ready to be strong in your boundaries, act from a place of knowing your worth and eradicate self-abandonment tendencies

– You want to experience more than spiritual and mindset work but also to be fully EMBODIED and EXPERIENCE a new empowered version of you


You'll receive:

Lifetime access to the self-paced program

9 modules intentionally put together for in depth transformation

Lessons, meditations and practices (videos) for activation and knowledge

Workbooks with practical tools, prompts and exercices for integration


“I feel so blessed to have worked with Lika. “Worked” isn’t even the right word – more like co-created magic. Although I met and had to deal with many of my own demons and shadows during my time in Lika’s container, I always felt so held, loved and supported. She brought the best out of me while supporting me learn to accept and even love the most challenging parts too. Her ability to stay present and grounded just makes you feel so seen. I’ve discovered there truly is a Goddess in me that just waited to be awakened. Lika is one of the most powerful, loving, embodied beings I’ve met in my life and if you’re ready to level up BIG TIME, it’s a match. “


“A unique combinaison that makes you feel safe to surrender”


“Her loving energy leaves you present, centered and full of love. She helps you to find the best possible version of yourself”


”I’ve never felt so supported and happy before. She has created a space that make me feel very safe”


”It’s a ‘me’ moment with a lot of love”


“I feel more loved and beautiful and strong than ever before”


"The work of Lika is not only impressive but also so needed. I couldn’t do it without her. Besides taking my entire business to a totally new shifted reality, she uplifted everything, my soul included. She is so good at what she does. She’s really meant to do this. Before Lika entered my life, I was thinking that my website and business had structure, and could go far. After Lika took over and redid everything in a matter of days, I was blown away and I realized I was so mistaken. She can see through your unique potential, and take you where you need to go. You are going to glow up, at business and soul level. During the process of rebranding and shifting everything, I started to have people reach out to me for photoshoots, and I was even more booked than ever. Plus, she has so many amazing ideas for you, and she created an amazing package for me, that I couldn’t even think about, but that was so aligned with my soul's mission. If you think to hire Lika for Business activator, don’t second guess yourself and go for it. She is worth the investment and even more. Now my business is doing so good, and I'm finally able to relax and to enjoy the peace and stability I was looking for so long."


    About your host:

    Lika guides you on an inner exploration journey to reveal your full potential !

    Lika is on a mission to create a legacy making an impact around her core values: Honesty Authenticity Freedom Love and Kindness

    Her work and service to the world is inspired by her own journey and transformation.

    Lika is creating sacred containers for deep inner transformation through inner union, pleasure, embodiment and her own magic – this can’t be put into words –

    Supporting people in their spiritual and sexual awakening to reclaim their power, re-wild and liberate their fullest expression.



    Start your journey now

    $ 111

    Start your journey now

    Payment plan
    $ 125 / per month (4payments)

    Frequent questions:

    You get a lifetime access to Becoming Her. Every update will also be included. 

    Becoming her is a self-paced course in 9 modules, you can go at your own pace. 

    You get access to 9 modules containing video lessons, meditations, workbooks for transformational homework embodiment practices and integration of each session. This is where the work happens and where you make the wisdom learned and make it tangible.



    Due to the nature of the course we don’t offer any refund. 

    Becoming Her are for those who are truly committed and ready to take 100% responsibility for their results. If you truly do the work and apply all of what is provided in the program you’ll be transformed, however I can’t guarantee any results as they depends on you and your willingness to do the work

    Lika will be available to answer any question or clarification needed regarding your journey in Becoming Her. (by email at [email protected] or instagram at @lika_holyholistic )

    However Lika will not give extended coaching. For in depth coaching you can check the various options Lika has available for 1:1 support. 

    If you have any questions: