About Lika
About Lika

Lika has a background in Business School and Sustainability, she then travelled the world in quest for something more meaningful, became a yoga teacher, and started her own business as an intuitive healer hosting Women circles and transformational workshops & events on spirituality, self-development, embodiment and the exploration of the Divine Feminine

It feels like she already had 10 lives in this one, she went through different spiritual awakenings, many remembrances, explored with psychedelics, past lives, lived in different countries, felt in and out of love many times, pass through many deaths and rebirths

In 2020 as her heart is broken-open her deepest sexual awakening is moving through her body, her Kundalini is rising, she dove deep into Tantric teachings and practices: it’s everything she always knew and experienced, it was her path long before she know the name ‘Tantra’

Today, Lika is creating sacred containers for deep inner transformation through inner union, pleasure, embodiment and her own magic – this can’t be put into words –

She’s here on a mission to create a legacy around her core values: Honesty Authenticity Freedom Love and Kindness

Supporting women and men in their spiritual and sexual awakening to reclaim their power, re-wild and liberate their fullest expression. To create a life beyond their wildest dreams, tap into their power and activate their unique gifts and magic.

Space holder and bridge builder, Lika guides you on an inner exploration journey to reveal your full potential !

People come to her to:


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