6 common mistakes that are ruining your money empowerment

Money empowerment is a critical aspect of financial stability and success. However, many people fall into the trap of making common mistakes that can severely impact their financial well-being. In this article, we will discuss 6 of the most common mistakes that individuals make and how to avoid them. From neglecting to budget to ignoring the power of compound interest, read on to learn how to take control of your finances and achieve financial empowerment.



Living above your means and constantly being in feast and famine mode erodes your self-trust and perpetuate a cycle of guilt, shame and blame Nothing more disempowering


How to heal it:

Have a proper management system based on your goals: create different bank account and only spend from every designated account


This will help you to get structured and responsible while also giving you enough flexibility to still spend money with joy

2. Hoping and wishing

Pray and meditate that money comes your way but don’t forget to take ACTIONS

“Manifesting your dream life” is a combination of mindset and aligned actions

How to heal it: 

Ask yourself:

What can I do TODAY to improve my finances and receive more abundance ? What actions do I need to take to make it happen ?

Examples: launch a new offer or product, advertise, reach out to a potential client, or even more basic: tidy your wallet making room and space for more money to come in, put yourself out there… etc


3. Not doing the body and nervous system work

Mindset work and aligned actions are already gonna work wonders but in order to have the results you desire your body needs to be on board

How to heal it:

Learn how to ease your nervous system and feel neutral IN YOUR BODY when it comes to money


Meditation, visualization, EFT tapping, self soothing techniques, hypnosis, touch, joining MONEY HEALING… are ways you can do just that.


4. keeping certain people, situations, habits

If you feel limited, maybe your environment is keeping you cheap, small, stuck.

Remember that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. We become what we consume.


How to heal it:

DECLUTTER your life.


Don’t be afraid to let go of anything that isn’t aligned to your greatest purpose and goals in life.

Observe the habits, situations and relationships that are holding you back and release them guilt free.



Taking decisions and acting from your current situation is blocking you to step into your greatest potential.


How to heal it: 

Connect with your higher self, the most empowered, wealthy badass version of yourself.


Take every decision from that place. Everyday is a succession of decisions…

From big life decisions to small daily choices: what you eat, wear, how you talk, walk and present yourself to the world, how you train, work, f*ck, to how you treat others…


6. Shaming your desires 

We tend to feel a lot of conscious and unconscious shame around what we truly want.


Maybe you secretly dream about something you used to criticized, or you heard friends and family make fun and/or look down on certain things, situations or people but that is what you desire now.


How to heal it: 


Bring the unconscious to the conscious. See where you might hold some hidden shame.

Observe what you easily complain about or criticize, most of the time it’s simply the expression of a desire or need not being fulfilled.


Explore your desire. Give yourself full permission to desire what you desire deep down.



In conclusion, avoiding these 6 common mistakes is crucial for achieving financial empowerment. By taking the time to budget, save, invest, and educate yourself about personal finance, you can secure a brighter financial future for yourself. Remember, the key to financial success is taking proactive steps towards it. So, make a plan, set financial goals, and stick to them. With persistence and discipline, you too can experience the benefits of money empowerment.

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