5 ways to empower yourself financially

When we talk about empowerment it is important to cover every aspect of life. Money being one that is too over overlooked. When we are on the journey of self growth and transformation healing and developing our relationship to money is crucial in how confident and powerful we truly feel

Here are 5 easy ways you can already achieve financial empowerment.


1. Watch your language 

How you talk about your finances, yourself and people who have accumulated riches says a lot about your mindset and give directions to your subconscious mind for the life you are creating. Your mind will never let you have something you judge or criticize.


2. Get organized

Structure is so sexy to your money. Think about making your house very tidy and welcoming for guests so they enjoy their time at your place and want to come back. Make sure you’re treating your money good, get your finances in order, have a management system that works for you, so money wants to stay around.

3. Invest in your future

What are your priorities and your goals? You should be able to know just by looking at where you allocate your ressources of time, effort and money. Make sure your money is invested for your big vision. Being wealthy now is great but building a sustainable legacy might empower you a lot more.

4. Nervous system work

Create such a peaceful and calm relationship with money in your nervous system that no matter what happens to your bank account you stay grounded & centered. The more you feel neutral and at ease, the more empowered your decisions will be. Plus, calm and relaxation will attract a lot more than stress and anxiety

5. Gratitude

Feeling grateful for what you already have, brings more of it. It puts you in the most attractive vibration for money to come flowing your way.

Every time you spend your money, make sure to say thank you and feel grateful for what money is doing for you.


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