4 signs you need to heal your relationship with money

signs you need to heal your relationship with money

If you experience any of the following it might be time to take a closer look at your money 

The first step of healing is awareness. Most of us lack awareness when it comes to the nature of our relationship with money. 

Sometimes we just don’t know that some healing or changes could be beneficial because we are used to living our lives a certain way without realizing that a better life is possible. 

See below a list of 4 signs you need to empower yourself financially


1.Your body contracts when you talk or think about money

This might be a sign of great discomfort when it comes to money, abundance and your finances.

If you feel tense, anxious, weird about the topic, it might be time to look into making peace with it.


2. You constantly feel broke no matter how much you actually have on your bank account

This might be a sign that what you need isn’t to make more money to make you feel more secured, safe and/ or abundant.

But that you need money healing instead. This will help you feel abundant no matter the amount of money you possess.


3. You have unhealthy patterns around your finances

Such as overspending, hoarding, avoiding your money. These behaviors are often the physical manifestation of an unhealthy relationship to money. In order to heal the result you want to go to the root of the problem not only fix the external.


4.  Your reality doesn’t reflect the kind of prosperity your desire 

Our tangible experienced reality is the projection of our beliefs. If you don’t have the reality you desire yet, it might be a sign that you still have limiting beliefs when it comes to money, prosperity and wealth and might need healing.


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