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Welcome to my universe, I am Lika and my mission is to help you transform your life for the better. My greatest pleasure and excitement in life is to see you in your power, revealing your true essence and embracing your fullness

I am passionate about making the impossible possible, transforming dreams into reality and activating potentials

I love supporting visionaries and leaders in their personal development. From business strategy and mindset reprograming to self-love, relationships and sexuality, I love bridging the gap between all areas of life. My work is Holistic by nature.

empowerment coaching and success mindset

I’m not here to teach you, I’m here to love you. The Love will teach you


Get your shit together and thrive

5 steps guide to your most empowered self

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PRIVATE Coaching

The leaders of tomorrow

Our online 1:1 coaching is for artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and is designed to help you:

  • Clarify your vision and set meaningful goals
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and negative patterns
  • Develop effective strategies for success
  • Enhance your personal and professional skills
  • Create a sense of purpose and fulfillment

I will provide the tools, guidance and support you need to achieve success and feel empowered in all areas of your life

ONLINE programs

Glorious Metamorphosis

Our multitude of online programs are designed to help you:

  • Be fulfilled and aligned with your purpose
  • create a more pleasurable and prosperous life
  • Build and grow your dream business 
  • Get exactly what you want and be the expression of your full potential
  • Embody the most liberated authentic version of you


All of the above from a relaxed nervous system with ease and flow



Connect with me on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration, fun, sensuality, entrepreneurship stories. My mission on instagram: share inspirational, motivational and educational content as much a the magic of the mundane 


Join my channel for practical tools and rituals to support your in your personal, professional and spiritual journey. My intention with my channel is to bring you as much value as possible for your empowerment journey


Full Circle with Lika is a vortex of self-love, embodiment, tantric teachings, relationships, leadership, business… and all things in between. Join incredible thought leaders, artists, and genuine life stories. It’s a place for those who believe in the power of vulnerability and authentic relating. Available on all podcast platforms

• Testimonials •

“I feel so blessed to have worked with Lika. “Worked” isn’t even the right word – more like co-created magic. Although I met and had to deal with many of my own demons and shadows during my time in Lika’s container, I always felt so held, loved and supported. She brought the best out of me while supporting me learn to accept and even love the most challenging parts too. Her ability to stay present and grounded just makes you feel so seen. I’ve discovered there truly is a Goddess in me that just waited to be awakened. Lika is one of the most powerful, loving, embodied beings I’ve met in my life and if you’re ready to level up BIG TIME, it’s a match. “


“A unique combinaison that makes you feel safe to surrender”


“Her loving energy leaves you present, centered and full of love. She helps you to find the best possible version of yourself”


”I’ve never felt so supported and happy before. She has created a space that make me feel very safe”


”It’s a ‘me’ moment with a lot of love”


“I feel more loved and beautiful and strong than ever before”




    Who's behind Holy Holistic ?

    Lika is a coach and mentor specialized in success and empowerment coaching. Her mission is to guide people towards a more fulfilled, pleasurable, abundant life. She helps people grow conscious businesses, tap into more prosperity and abundance, as well as guiding them to connect with their personal power, sexuality, and sovereignty. Mindset reprograming, nervous system regulation, manifestation, tantra and leadership are at the core of her teachings

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